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I believe every challenge is balanced by the potential for success and abundance. I didn’t always feel that way. It took a physically and emotionally strenuous journey to arrive where I am today. Now I’m here to tell you what I learned – and continue to learn on a daily basis. With that being said, only you can define what it means to live your best life. No one else can take ownership of what belongs to you.

For me it was a conscious decision and commitment to maximize my physical and emotional well-being. This is how Own Your Best was born. For some the culmination to Own Your Best may be a job promotion, losing weight, buying a home, more money in your paycheck. For others, it may mean just getting out of bed in the morning or entering a room full of people with confidence. Still others – perhaps most of us – are constantly searching for something even more intangible. Something that happens on a daily, even moment-to-moment basis. The feeling of true contentment, balance and purpose. We all have different translations of a success and abundance – yet at the same time, I believe we all share the struggle to achieve them.

With that said, it’s important to set goals no matter how big or small in order to keep you forward moving. Remember a dream will only stay a dream if it’s not accompanied by a goal.

If you are among the many, low self esteem can be among your heaviest burdens to carry. To even begin walking the path to a healthy, fulfilling life, it’s critical to develop a positive physical routine and nurture a heightened level of self-awareness. For me, staying physically active and practicing self awareness and mindfulness throughout each day have been the fundamental tools for social and emotional wellness and living my best life.

How to live your best life

Just like a workout at the gym or taking up a new hobby, you will certainly not see changes overnight. Becoming the best version of yourself is a process you must OWN. And you are worth all the time you need to hone in on the skills, knowledge and behavior required to live a truly authentic and fulfilling life. The mindset to live your BEST life should present itself as a shift and uplift in your way of thinking and approach to open-minded and wholehearted living. Mindfulness and authenticity will become your daily practice and ultimate goal.

Your definitive moment of enlightenment might even be an “A-ha, now I get it. Now I feel it” Or it might not. You simply may one day reflect on your journey with a sense of evolved peace and conscious knowing that at some point along the way you began living your best life.

How to Make Living Your Best Life Possible

Here are some important, note-to-self, things that I want you to keep in mind as you take the journey with me to live your BEST life. Maintaining a mindful disposition that your perspective becomes your reality is crucial. So nurture your perspective with a grown mindset, self-care, self-awareness and an optimistic, positive outlook.

Good, better, best. Live your best life.
  1. The promise to yourself to find a better way of thinking, behaving and living gives you the ultimate form of HOPE. Without hope, how do we look forward? How do we even imagine the possibilities?
  2. Always working toward Better doesn’t set you up for failure. Even if you take one baby step – it is in the right direction. If you simply alter a train of thought or perspectiveyou have made strides and have already begun living a better life.
  3. Pursuing Better is realistic. It is with our control. And so is Owning that decision to do so.
  4. Better is Better than being Stagnant. Okay? It is impossible to catapult ourselves to the glory of perfection – this is a place that does not exist. But no matter how slow you progress, it means you are in forward motion.
  5. Acknowledge your Progress! Progress is more recognizable when we consciously seek a Better sense of self. The self-awareness that you handled a situation better than we would have in the past is progress. Progress allows us the mini-rewards – the emotional reaffirming rewards – of knowing that you’ve created a better way and better experience. This sense of peace and hope is truly the greatest gift anyone can receive. It is a gift that you have within you.
  6. Notice a theme? Here’s what I mean. Living your best life is not an end-result. It is the journey itself. Get better. Do better. Be better. This is how you live your best life.

A Brief Video About Me

Below is an impromptu video I decided to do because I really want my visitors to be able to “put a face to the Own Your Best name”. This was originally intended to be my first YouTube video but I may work on my video skills before taking that plunge :). In the meantime, I hope this brief intro reflects my personal investment in to Own Your Best and that you come back often to visit.

A brief “hello” and introduction to Own Your Best
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The MUST in Your Mentality to Living Your Best Life

I am not an authority on mental, physical or spiritual health. I’m not even one of those self-taught gurus, holy rollers or health nuts. I’m just an ordinary person who’s endured some extraordinary challenges.

Challenges that no doubt pale in comparison to that of many others. But respective to my journey – these challenges were enough to wake me up to a new sense of self and start owning my thoughts and actions. I don’t look at my well-being as better or worse than others’. Simply, I just find (and continue to search for) what works effectively for me and some proven strategies to help us all along the way. I find ways to not necessarily relate to the trials of others yet I have an open heart and an empathy that I had not known before.

Wishing doesn’t manifest abundance.

Self promising, I will change tomorrow,” a best life one does not live.

You must OWN IT – past and present, good, bad and ugly, body and mind.

During the years I had suffered from at the time an unknown tumor called a pheochromocytoma (read my story) which had been depleting my physical and mental health, I explored whatever ways I could to keep my emotional and physical state at a level of not-crazy. I did a lot of reading and a lot of listening. At the time, I don’t believe I was consciously decided to own my best at anything. But whatever I could find that would bring me a sense of peace and keep me forward moving, I just clung to it.
Whether that was reading, listening, eating healthier, exercising, crying and releasing anxiety, etc., I made sure I remained self-aware and open to change.
I found myself internalizing any inspirational message I could find. I read, watched and listened to well-being influencers like Don Miguel Ruiz, Eckhart Tolle, Paulo Coehelo, Mitch Albom, Brene’ Brown, Gretchen Rubin and so many others.
I began exercising regularly and practicing mindfulness mediation as often as possible. To own my best, before and after my ordeal and in the face of daily life thereafter, I gradually allowed these techniques, wise voices, positive influences (some with unique and sometimes unconventional perspectives) to come and settle into my well-being.
Oprah Winfrey’s Wisdom of Sundays book which is a culmination of snippets from her Super Soul Sunday Conversations has been a major influence on my increased sense of consciousness and well-being. It’s been instrumental to my journey to own my best life.
Using and continually refining Own Your Best as my outlet, I share, review and recommend tools, products, strategies, stories and influencers that have helped me tremendously over the years. I would also love to hear from you and about your experiences so that we can learn from each other.

Own Your Best


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