Best Budget Home Gym Under $300

We are back to our best home gym reviews with a new price point. Our recent articles on the Best Home Gym Under $1000 and Best Home Gym Under $500 provide flexible budget range. Yet for various reasons, still many hard workers want to make their physical health a priority with a quality home fitness system at an even more affordable price. Our Best Budget Home Gym Under $300 review now proves you won’t sacrifice quality by paying less this holiday season and going in to 2020.

The only bad workout is the one that doesn’t happen.

– Unknown

While Own Your Best promotes and supports ways to empower you emotional wellness and achieve personal success, it’s no secret we value physical wellness just as much. Taking the best possible care of your overall physical health and your emotional wealth will systematically increase as well. So whether or not you do yoga, meditation, or belong to a professional gym, having access to a fitness system in your own space will prove to be priceless. It best of all, these home gyms will not break the bank. The word budget should not and DOES NOT imply low-end. Based on our detailed research, we’re excited with the quality and selection of the home fitness system 2020 market. Below are the top recommended picks for the Best Budget Home Gym Under $300.

Even if money is not an object, shopping for the best home gyms on a budget, can still cause a lot of stress. Especially now that social distancing is not going anywhere soon. This also doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend more to get more. So the more expensive the product, or whether or not the brand is “trending” in the industry, doesn’t automatically qualify a home gym as superior. This is essentially why we’ve been extremely cautious in conducting our research. We want to ensure you, our visitor and home gym shopper, that each product in this best home gym under $300 review list earns its place on this page.

So say goodbye to expensive fitness club memberships and personal trainers, if that’s your goal, and prepare to step up your exercise routine with these awesome options for a quality, safe and total body home gym workout.

Quick Notes On Best Home Gym Reviews

Our main objective is that these home gym comparisons give you the product and outcome details you need to get the most out of your physical health investment. Not every product we review will be a right fit for your home or your fitness needs. So we take great care to ensure the information we provide is comprehensive enough that you can weigh any disadvantages to these products equally to their advantages. When dealing with any workout system, the important criteria to keep in mind is that you are getting a well-rounded, total body workout. More on this below.

This brings us to the absence of a Star Rating System. Many home gym system reviews are easy to follow with a visual representation of those cool yellow stars. For example 4 out of 5 stars for ABC Home Gym, would indicate a product was almost perfect. However we believe that the home fitness industry products are so versatile because they address various workout goals and needs. So applying such a ranking in such a a subjective world would not serve the consumer in the best way possible. In other words, selecting a home gym system is a personal and fitness-goal specific process. While one user may be looking to build muscle mass, another person may be looking to lose weight. One individual may be a pure beginner and the other, an advanced, serious weight-trainer. It’s all relative.

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Back to our review of the best home gyms under $300. So on a budget or not, home gym systems provide a wide variety of features for a multitude of exercise goals and needs. Therefore we reviewed these home gyms by searching for the best overall systems in terms of versatility, functionality, affordability, quality, and many other attributes. We even include what you may not like about the products. We hope you agree with our format and find the information extremely helpful. Please let us know in the comments at the end of this review if there is something more you want to see!

In our Best Budget Home Gym Under $300 review, we cover these top models:
  1. Marcy Free Weight Strength Training Home Exercise Workout Gym Machine Equipment
  2. XtremepowerUS Multifunction Home Gym Fitness Station Workout Machine, w/ 100 Lbs Weight
  3. Weider 2980 214 Lb Stack Home Gym
  4. Gold's Gym XRS 50 Home Gym with High and Low Pulley System
  5. Blowflex BodyTower (the only Tower model on our list) - coupon offer -$42.98
  6. Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer and Squat Rack MD-879 - coupon offer -$27.34

Best Budget Home Gym Sale Info

UPDATE: We've been tracking Amazon deals and they currently have some on-page coupon offers on a variety of home gym models. These savings are in addition current sale prices and include shipping. So be sure to click the button or select the checkbox to clip the coupon and take advantage of the savings. Here are the discounted home gyms we've found so far: Bowflex Body Tower, Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench; (PR1000 see Under $500 Home Gym review); (Blaze and PR3000 see Under $1000 Home Gym review).

Top 5 Picks for the Best Budget Home Gym Under $300 on the 2019 Market

Marcy competitor adjustable olympic weight bench. Best budget home gym under $300

Our Under $300 Best Home Gym review begins with a home fitness industry leader, Marcy. The Marcy brand not only earns its stellar reputation in the industry for quality and reliability, but also affordability. This is a critical combination in the under $300 budget.

We have to start off with practicality on this one. This is the only free weight product line we review. If you are maxed out at a $300 flat budget, then know that the Marcy Free Weight Strength Training Home Exercise unit does not ship with plates. Obviously this is an important aspect to your home gym purchase deciding factor. Like many home gyms under $300, weights are not built in to the machine. The system "accommodates Olympic and standard size 200 pound plates" which in the long run may serve you better as your workout needs evolve.

In terms of the rest of what this system has to offer, you cannot go wrong with the reliability of a Marcy. What we like most: Overall quality, comfort and durability rivals that of most higher end multifunctional home gyms.

Highlights: This gets the job done at an affordable price. The Marcy is also light weight enough to adjust location to any space.

  • Accommodates Olympic and standard size 200 pound plates (plates not included)
  • 5 Position adjustable back pad to suit your physique and ideal workout positions
  • Practical option if you already own weights or don't want to be limited to the weight stack that the manufacturer provides
  • Dual functional arm press, leg developer with oversized foam roller pads
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction with a durable powder coated finish
  • Holds up to 300 lbs in user weight
  • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Dimensions: 45 L x 50 W x 67 H inches | Shipping Weight 108 lbs.

Why you may pass on this one: The seat is not adjustable, and again, the plates are not included so budget for the added expense.

The XtremepowerUS Multifunction Home Gym Fitness Station Workout Machine, w/ 100 Lbs Weight is one of the most competitive options in the best budget home gym for under a $300 price point.

This XtremepowerUS model engages your entire body to ensure you get a total body workout. The system provides a wide variety of options you'd find at a commercial gym making it super simple to change it up to different workouts at home.

The XtremepowerUS Home Gym has everything you need to engage your entire body for calorie burning, strength training and conditioning. The home gym features a high low pulley resistance system with up to 280 lbs of muscle- and endurance-building resistance. So you get a respectable amount of functionality without having to deal with purchasing free weights.

Highlights: Complete versatility for muscle mass building and strength training in the comfort of your personal space.

  • Multi-functionality upper body exercises includes pull ups, pullovers, pull-down, by use of lateral bars
  • Enjoy leg workouts by pulling with foot wrap for leg workout developer
  • Easy adjustability by inserting the pin into your desired weight
  • Vinyl seat for a comfortable workout experience
  • Step-by-step exercise chart to ensure you maximizing every feature
  • Dimensions: 55 x 41 x 80 inches

Why you may pass on this one: Weights and bicep pad are the only adjustable feature on this machine

Improve your physical health by developing a stronger core and more powerful, lean muscles with Weider 2980 214 Lb Stack Home Gym.

To begin with, the Weider 2980 is totally built to last and features an impressive variety of weightlifting stations to cover all muscle groups. Your fitness and workout goals are covered within Weider's 6 integrated workout stations. See our bulleted list below for details.

Depending on the exercise and the number of vinyl weights selected, the Weider 2980's cable-and-pulley system offers up to 214 lbs. of resistance. There are always differentiators even among the best of home gym systems under a $300 budget or any price point. But Weider offers you enough features and multi-functionality to enable you to target the specific exercises you need to complete your fitness goals and routine.

Highlights: Weider 2980's high low pulley stations provide a highly effective and well-balanced combination of durability and fluid motion. One of the few workout systems in the best budget home gym under $300 that features a preacher curl pad.

  • 81 lbs. DuraStack adjustable weight stack
  • High pulley with lat bar to focus on lats and back, and allows for a wide variety of hand positions for maximum results
  • Low pulley has no set path so as to perform a variety of exercises that help build and tone biceps, deltoids, trapezius, forearms, triceps, rhomboids, etc.
  • Chest fly station to isolate, build and adds definition to pectoral muscles, and your anterior shoulders and chest muscles
  • 4-foam leg developer essential for lower body muscle development
  • Preacher curl for working proper bicep form
  • Designed for longevity with durable steel tubing
  • Certified Personal Trainer designed detailed exercise chart/instructions to add variety and guidance to your workout
  • Dimensions: 65" L x 37" W x 76" H | 90-day Warranty

Why you may pass on this one: Aside from the lighter than others weight stack, we looked, cannot find any negatives to mention. Also keep in mind the Weider offers resistance up to 214 lbs based on friction from pulley system. Check out the review here and see for yourself. As with many of the home gym machines, phone a friend to help you out with assembly.

Do your best to find pleasure in working out on a regular basis. You deserve to look good, and you solely owe it to yourself.” 
- Edmond Mbiaka

Sacrificing quality is not an option with any small or deep pocket health investment. So relative to our particular home gym budget review, it's rather comforting to see that the Gold's Gym brand name accommodates a range of economic affordability. Since 1965, this high-end bodybuilding and home workout system staple ensures you will find yourself very satisfied with the XR 50 home gym.

We refer to this XR 50 model in our Under $500 review (see Gold Gym XR 55 a modest step up) as a trusted manufacturer synonymous with versatility and longevity. This gym system enables you to target a wide range of bodybuilding options for a total body workout. Such diverse commercial gym level functionality, along with a frame built from steel tubing, allows you to safely maximize ability to burn calories while building muscle mass.

Highlights: One of the best under $300 budget-friendly home gym systems with few limitations. The versatility and multi-functionality of the Gold's Gym XR 50 makes it hard to believe it's among the under $300 models.

  • 12 lb. Vinyl Weight Stack, 112 lbs. of built-in weight stack, 280 lbs. of resistance
  • Combination chest press and fly arm station targets both arms and chest
  • 4- padded rollers for ankle and knee comfort leg, leg developer targets quads, hamstrings, glutes and hip-flexors
  • High pulley to sculpt and define lats and back muscles
  • Low pulley to tone glutes and leg muscles
  • Multi-grip high lat bar, sewn vinyl seats with durable material
  • Certified Personal Trainer designed Exercise Chart
  • 300 lb. User weight Capacity, 90-Day Warranty
  • Product Dimensions 63.63" L x 37.6" W x 78.6" H | 90-day manufacturer's warranty for parts and labor

Why you may pass on this one: Based on reviews, some mention it could use thicker padding but still okay for comfort. Also, this system (like others in the price range) doesn't include a preacher curl pad.

Gold's Gym XRS 50 Home Gym Video Demo

The Gold's Gym manufacturer video below demonstrates the XRS 50 Home Gym System. They demonstrate machine usage, techniques and recommended exercises. The home gym features include: smooth and consistent movement, combo press with butterfly arms, multi press hand positions for a versatile workout. The total leg developer as described above and much more. The video also highlights safety and confidence with the integrated safety trap. Finally, their professional trainer designed instructional chart provides guidance for a well-rounded strength training home workout session no matter your experience or skill level.

5 | Bowflex BodyTower - on page coupon -$42.98

Workout power towers are as basic as you can get by design, but don't be fooled by the so-called simplicity. Towers, particularly the Bowflex BodyTower provides users with a quality, total body workout should you choose to invest.

Everyone shopping for a budget home gym wants the best they can get because you're investing in your (possibly along with others in your household) health. And most of us share the same overarching fitness goal - to stay or get in to shape. But there are so many other bases to cover. The Bowflex BodyTower affords you the set-up of a home gym, takes up minimal space and keeps you in the driver's seat. The BodyTower is also built to last and it comes with plenty of opportunity to be meet your fitness goals. The included accessories (see below) provide for a greater range of options than most towers. Bowflex makes one of the best workout towers over their respective competition. This all translates to a solid investment and an effective, full body workout.

Highlights: Bowflex Tower saves space but gives you a relatively versatile workout for an affordable budge of under $300.

  • 7 levels of adjustment allows for 20+ exercises, such as push-ups, squats, planks, pull-ups, etc.
  • E-Z adjust horizontal bars allows for variety and intensity to user workouts
  • Durable, stable, commercial-grade steel frame means safe and long-lasting equipment
  • Hand grips and sling straps included
  • Tower-mounted instructional placard demonstrates 8 Key Exercises
  • Non-absorbent foam cushioned back pad
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Compact and space saving dimensions: 50" x 50" x 77"
  • Warranty: 5-year | Wear on parts 1-year

Why you may pass on this one: Not upgradable as with weights and pulley resistance based home gyms.

6 | More Best Budget Home Gym Under $300 reviews to come!

So it's great to note that the options among our best home gym under $300 give you competitive systems as compared to many of the higher end home gym models. It all comes down to preference. Stay tuned for more quality budget home gyms to come. In the meantime, keep reading about things to consider, the importance and benefits of a home gym investment.

Why Budget for a Home Gym?

Finding the best home gym on any budget is a major investment of not only money but time. Whether you're deciding if you should join a gym, cancel your gym membership, or supplement your membership by investing in a home gym, there's a lot to decide beginning with budget, space, design/appearance and fitness goals.

Commercial fitness centers and personal trainers certainly provide that one-on-one advantage, so know that motivation, commitment and self-discipline are ultimately up to you.  Your goal may be a gym-quality, total-body workout, which can be enjoyed by anyone in your home. Or you may have a hectic schedule and you want the access and convenience of a home workout. The freedom of being able to replace a need for a pricey annual gym membership often warrants a one-time home gym investment. Finally you may simply want your privacy. So a home gym is a really practical alternative or yes even a supplement to a commercial gym membership. 

Whether shopping on Amazon or anywhere else for best home gyms on a $300 or any budget, it can get really overwhelming. But there are certainly a bunch of perks to a home fitness system. While every home workout system will vary, there are plenty of additional benefits to paying a little bit (or in some cases a lot) more.

For example, here are some of the reasons to invest in a home gym:

High level of craftsmanship and stability

Top tier brand identity for trust and reliability

Commercial gym-like quality workout at home

Versatility in design options and customizable to suit your fitness goals

Ability to utilize all the strength training and muscle building features you would enjoy from a local gym membership in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own home

With a budget under $300 or $3000, peace of mind knowing you invested one of the best home gym brands on the market

Freedom of time, personal space, access and any physical limitations you may have

Ease of user-friendly assembly and machine usage comprehension

Durable materials for sturdiness and safety

Ability to enjoy a challenging workout in a limited amount of space

Personal trainer savings with proper self-discipline

Accommodates other members of the family and their schedules

Commercial grade equipment yet an affordable investment

Presentation appeal for incorporating a desired look to whatever room you choose (even if in your garage)

Return on investment - again to achieve fitness and workout goals

Customer support and comfort of longer warranties

Access to workout guidance materials such as posters, diagrams, detailed manuals or videos

Weighing Your Decision When Comparing Home Gyms

So the home gyms that we've reviewed here, all for under $300, are among the best systems out on the 2019 market. Their prices are both affordable, yet don't compromise quality. They get you the most bang for your well-earned buck with reliability and trust. All of these home gyms offer much of what you would need or find with a trainer or on your own at your local gym. The key of course is to be self-disciplined enough to utilized your investment. For motivation, be mindful that each of these systems are rated in the best home gym under $300 market because they provide you with high level access to the multitude of anyone's fitness and strength-building goals. Your goals.

For example, a quality home gyms, including those in the under $500 budget, give you what you need to strengthen your core, build strong, lean muscles and increase your metabolic rate so that you and all the members of your household can stay in shape. So burn those calories, build muscle and shed unwanted pounds.

We're excited to present these competitive home gyms on a budget reviews to you for another reason. By virtue of committed research, we were also able to provide you with a diverse selection. In other words, there is something for everyone! Good luck with your fitness training goals and selecting the best budget home gym for under $300 for you. We know that these high-end workout home gym systems will serve you well as you Own Your Best in health and wellness.

Other Best Home Gym, Accessory and Fitness Deals

The most important thing to keep top of mind when budgeting for the best home gym under $300 is that you make sure you don't sacrifice quality for price. The models we review here, and we continue to test and rate others, are among the top options in this price range. With that being said, you may sacrifice some bells and whistles, but that's okay. These are home workout stations that will give you a well-rounded workout. Should you look elsewhere, be sure that as long as your home gym investment provides you with cornerstone features, ie. developing your core, legs and lats, you will be in good shape - physically and financially.

Just remember you're off to a great start because you are putting in the research just being being here. So take the time to figure out what you want in building a home gym and stick to a budget. Check out our What is the Best Equipment for a Home Gym article where provide you with a home gym essentials checklist - we hope this will help out as well!

Of course don't forget that this is also an investment in longevity - so be sure that your home gym is built to last. That's exactly why we list the models that we do on this page - the critical combination of functionality and durability. If you decide to take it up a slight notch, take a look at our best home gym under $500 review for some additional higher-end options. Even if you’re looking for an intense step up from your traditional HIIT workout routine, check out our recent Jacob's Ladder exercise machine and Jacobs Ladder 2 reviews. Jacobs Ladder machines are not available in many commercial gyms so we answered the call to review the Jacobs Ladder 2 and the Gronk Edition models for sale on Amazon.


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    I’ve been just finding incomplete workout equipment. Looks like the Gold’s Gym XRS 50 is a great fit for us. Thanks so much.

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