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Own Your Best focuses intently on physical health and mental well-being. Our fitness reviews so far have covered the best home gyms for total body workouts. It’s time to switch gears as elliptical machines have quickly become among the most popular workout preferences! While there’s a wide range of quality and price to consider as we head in to 2020, up to a $500 budget will get you a lot of bang for your buck. So here’s all you need to know to invest in the best elliptical under 500 dollars.

Why Invest in an Elliptical Machine?

Why are people gravitating more and more toward ellipticals? While treadmills or the various types of stationary bikes are still quite popular, ellipticals are often considered a highly effective “middle ground product.” Ellipticals provide high level cardiovascular exercise while also benefiting many others areas of your physical health. Often times the decision to invest in an elliptical is purely preference. Yet for many, it’s more than just preference (which we will get in to).

Either way, if you are on a particular budget it may be a bit difficult to decipher which way to go. It may also be rather overwhelming when comparing all of the features available out there in the elliptical world. So we’ve researched a lot and found the best elliptical under 500, and are really pleased results. It’s all laid it all out right here.

If you can stretch your budget further, we recently released our latest review on the Best Elliptical Under $1000. But you’re looking to stay with a $500 budget, rest assured you will certainly not sacrifice quality for price. But first it’s important to be sure an elliptical is the right way to go! Here are some benefits and reasons to purchase an elliptical machine for your home versus other stationary cardio systems:

  • Lack of impact on the joints
  • Strengthens heart muscles for cardio health
  • Boosts endurance levels and stamina
  • Simultaneously focuses on strengthening both upper and lower body muscles
  • Tones muscles while maintaining or increasing bone density in your lower body
  • Offers many levels of resistance
  • Burns body fat and calories
  • Improves overall balance
  • A low impact, safe way to maintain fitness post injury
  • Many elliptical machines are sleek and compact enough for any residential space

Shameless plugs: Our additional reviews to date have focused on home workout systems. Best Home Gym Under $500, Under $1000 and Under a $300 Budget review pages all prove that working out at home by investing in a home fitness system while on any budget is totally possible. Also if you’re looking for a major step up from your traditional HIIT workout routine, check out our recent Jacobs Ladder exercise machine reviews.

Now due to some great feedback on home fitness trends and Own Your Best visitor requests, we’ve now researched and compared the best ellipticals on the market under $500. AND we are really psyched about quality of selection available on the elliptical market especially as we head in to 2020. All of our top recommended picks are available through

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About Our Best Elliptical Reviews

Similar to our home gym reviews, Own Your Best uses an easy to navigate yet comprehensive lay out of information as you will see below. It’s our hope that our review of the best ellipticals for under $500 help you in finding what you’re looking for in your home workout needs. We understand that investing the best elliptical machine is critical to staying in the best physical shape possible.

Unlike some other review websites, you will see that we do not use a Star Rating System in our fitness machine reviews. A score of say 3 1/2 out of 5 cool yellow stars for XYZ Elliptical Machine, is easy to judge at first glance, we believe that reviewing the best lines of elliptical products are too detailed-oriented and subjective to rank in that type of rating format. In other words, investing an elliptical machine for your home is a really personal and fitness-goal oriented process.

Also, when shopping for an elliptical in particular, factors like height, weight, space, health constraints, etc. all contribute to your decision. You may even consider a Hybrid model which we’ve recently added as the sixth product review on our list of best ellipticals under $500.

Elliptical machines boast various design features for different types of users and their fitness needs. Therefore we reviewed the best ellipticals by researching manufactures and product systems in terms of stability, functionality, affordability, aerodynamics, and several other characteristics. We even include what you may not like about the products. We hope you agree with our format and find our detailed reviews extremely helpful.

Please let us know in the comments at the end of this review if there is anything else or any other products or manufacturers you want us to look in to!

2020 Top 6 Picks for the Best Elliptical Under $500

Who says size doesn’t matter? To kick off our best elliptical under $500 we want to share with you the Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine. If you live in an apartment or a home where real estate is maxed out and space is a concern, the 411 is a fantastic option.

The Schwinn 411 features all of the important benefits of larger, even commercial gym ellipticals while bringing you that low-impact cardio workout at a fraction of the size. Schwinn designed their 411 model to be both adaptable for any size room without sacrificing the quality of your total body workout. But don’t just judge on size alone, we don’t! This elliptical features an 18″ stride, contact and wireless heart rate and a streamlined display console. These are the necessary features that will allow you the challenging workout you need in the privacy and convenience of your own place.

Highlights: Easy navigation, metric tracking and bluetooth heart rate tracking. Compatible with RunSocial, a mixed reality app allow you to “virtually” run around the world

  • Sync with the mixed-reality app RunSocial and race through 19 locations with 27 routes alongside friends while tracking pace and distance
  • An impressive 18″ Stride yet a compact, space saving design
  • 16 levels of variable resistance
  • Streamlined console displays important metrics such as time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate
  • Media tray for you when you want to be motivationally zoned-out by flipping through a magazine or using your portable device to display movies, podcasts, etc.
  • Moving and fixed padded handlebars with contact grip heart rate sensors
  • Schwinn 411 Elliptical Detailed Warranty click here to scroll to pdf
  • Shipping weight: 120 lbs.

Why you may pass on this one: For a mid-range elliptical machine, Schwinn is coming in hot, nothing to report!

Check out this quick manufacturer video. Schwinn gives a great overview on what you can expect from their 411 Elliptical Model.

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