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We’ve received great feedback from our recent review on the Best Home Gym Under $500. Many have asked for reviews based on a higher budget, this page on the best home gym under $1000 should help. After researching and comparing the best home gyms and prices going into 2020, we’re excited with the quality of selection on the market. Here are the top highly recommended picks for the best home gym under $1000.

Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

If money were no object life would be awesome in many ways. But when it comes to shopping for best home gyms on a budget, it’s more likely than not your money constraints make the shopping more stressful than it has to be. With that said, always keep in mind as you research and shop around that just because a product is more expensive, or is a trending “brand” in the industry, doesn’t automatically make it better. That’s why we’ve been extra careful in our research to ensure that each product in our home fitness system review of the best home gym under $1000 earns its price tag.

Home gyms provide different features for different exercise goals and needs. Therefore we reviewed these home gyms by searching for the best overall systems in terms of versatility, functionality, affordability, quality, and many other attributes. We even include what you may not like about the products. We hope you agree with our format and find the information extremely helpful. Please let us know in the comments at the end of this review if there is something more you want to see!

So get ready to supplement your workout routine or say goodbye to expensive fitness club memberships with these impressive options for a quality and safe home gym workout.

In this detailed review of the Best Home Gyms Under $1000 (but over $500), we cover the following brand manufacturer models:

  1. Powerline by Body-Solid System Easy Assembly Home Gym
  2. Bowflex PR3000 Home Gymcoupon offer -$300
  3. Bowflex Blaze Home Gymcoupon offer -$107.34
  4. Marcy Diamond Smith Cage Home Gym System
  5. Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym (newest review)

UPDATE: We’ve been tracking Amazon deals and they currently have some on page coupon offers on home gym models. These savings are in addition to current sale prices and include shipping. So be sure to click the button or select the checkbox to clip the coupon and take advantage of the savings. Here are the discounted home gyms we’ve found so far: Blaze, PR3000, and PR1000 (see Under $500 Home Gym review).

Top 5 Picks for the Best Home Gym Under $1000 Budget

For our under $1000 best home gym review price range, Body-Solid comes in hot with the Powerline system. Starting off with quality, the Powerline brand model BSG10X has a ton going for it. This is because while Body-Solid home gym systems ranges wide in selection, they also range just as wide in price, features and affordability. In other words, the Powerline BSG10X home gym model gives you that sweet-spot balance between cost-effectiveness and quality.

For many, inside real estate is a concern. Powerline is a respectable size yet compact enough for rooms with limited space. And while it’s respectfully compact in size, the Powerline BSG10X still boasts stability with its solid platform and a 160-pound weight stack. What we like most: The dreaded assembly….don’t worry about it! The Powerline by Body-Solid home gym system arrives 90 percent pre-assembled.

Highlights: Designed to be both adaptable for any size room while not sacrificing the quality of your weight-training workout.

  • 160-pound weight stack
  • Adjustable seat which allows quick and smooth adjustment for proper body positioning
  • 48-inch lateral pull-down bar, low row bar, and ab crunch harness
  • Body-Solid is know for its premier reputation within the fitness equipment industry
  • Eight position adjustable press arm and leg developer station of performing over 40 properly executed exercises
  • 10-Year In-Home Warranty
  • 90 percent out-of-the-box Assembled dimensions: 70 L x 42 W x 80 H inches

Why you may pass on this one: Curb-side delivery, so be sure to determine if you have the capacity, or a friend that owes you a favor, to get this workout system through your door (especially if you are in an apartment).

2 | Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym (on page coupon -$300)

So we did a comparable review on the Bowflex in our recent under 500 article so we were looking forward to checking out how they stepped it up with their most respected higher end models. Bowflex does not disappoint. So much so that we’ve got two models to share.

First the Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym usually comes in just a hair (literally $1) below our $1000 price point. It offers over 50 exercises, twice as much as the PR1000 (hence twice the price).

Bowflex is unique in that it uses a cable pulley resistance system while still making a total body workout extremely flexible and customizable. All this functionality while not having to deal with free weights. The pulley system is super effective because it allows you to target muscles in depth and work every angle. If you’re not a fan of the weight stack then you cannot go wrong a Bowflex pulley system. Additionally, the PR3000 Home Gym is upgradable to 410 pounds. This is comforting to know if you exceed your weight expectable to the next level, the system will accommodate your progress.

Highlights: This is a highly effective home gym for the beginner or serious fitness trainer. Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym’s power rod resistance is so customizable. It is ranges from 5 to as much as 210 lbs.

  • Bowflex’s Quick Change Power Rod system allows for zero cable changes when you switch exercises
  • Flexible workout experience with the multi-use hand grip / ankle cuffs
  • Reliable for long-term use with durable heavy duty construction frame
  • Integrated instructional workout placard
  • Dimensions: 64 x 41 x 83 inches

Why you may pass on this one: If the PR3000 stretches your budget too thin, but you love the pulley system concept, the Bowflex Blaze is a formidable option as well. If you’re looking for a system that utilizes weight stacks, well you see the other worthy home gyms for under $1000 on this page.

3 | Bowflex Blaze Home Gym (on page coupon -$107.34)

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym features over 60 strength exercises using top quality materials.

So what’s the difference between the Bowflex Blaze and the Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym systems?

Glad you asked! First, Bowflex offers a hell of a lot more than just these two home gyms (take a look at Amazon’s Bowflex Home Gym Comparison Chart – there are 2 charts, scroll down to the second one for a real comprehensive look) but based on our research, these give you the most bang for your buck. In comparing the Blaze with the PR3000, there are a few main differences. The first comparison to take in to consideration, especially if you have limited space, is that the Bowflex Blaze folds for storage. Compare this fold capability feature to the PR3000 which has a compact layout and takes up less room. The second difference is that Blaze offers a lat bar and squat bar. Third, an added feature to the Blaze model is its sliding seat rail for rowing exercises. Obviously there are more differentiators, so be sure to peruse through that comparison chart we mentioned so that you know you will be able to target the type of exercises you want within the Bowflex home gym should you choose one. Once again, if free weights or a weight stack is not for you then you should definitely look at a Bowflex Home Gym.

Highlights: With the added rowing feature you cannot beat the functionality of the Bowflex Blaze.

  • Sliding seat rail for aerobic rowing and leg presses
  • Multiple cable/pulley positions enable custom workouts
  • Lateral bar as well as a squat bar
  • Triple function hand-grip / ankle cuffs
  • Folding bench and wheels for convenient storage

Why you may pass on this one: While Bowflex Blaze Home Gym is best home gyms on a $1000 budget, sometimes it just comes down to preference. As mentioned on the PR3000 details, a system that utilizes weight stacks, may not be better or worse, it’s just something to seriously consider as you “weigh” the options.

Do your best to find pleasure in working out on a regular basis. You deserve to look good, and you solely owe it to yourself.” 
– Edmond Mbiaka

So whether or not being on a budget is a factor, you might find yourself deciding between a gym membership and investing in a home gym. So you may want to seriously consider the Marcy Diamond Smith Cage Home Gym System with Linear Bearing. This is really the ultimate home gym and the epitome of what’s considered the best home gym under $1000 at the club level quality. Here’s why:

The Marcy Diamond Smith Cage Home Gym System provides both high end quality and a huge variety of functionality over most of its counterparts in the under 1000 home gym market. While it comes with a high-end of the home gym under $1000 price tag, this workout system gives you enough functionality to capitalize on burning calories while building on all your major muscle groups. The wide range of the Marcy Diamond Smith Cage Home Gym boasts so much versatility in promoting exercise and fitness. Their unique professional grade set-up gives you limitless strength-training options. They provide the luxury of choice between the safety of a Smith machine and free weight-style lifting versus when you want to take advantage of cable crossover workouts.

Note: Think about it this way. If your goal is to save money, please keep in mind that if at some point in time you want to upgrade, you are going to wind up spending that much more having not invested in top notch equipment like this the first time.

Highlights: Everything. This is the mother-of-all, best home gyms for under $1000; it leaves little to be desired. If you’re concerned about any limitations imposed by a home gym, the Marcy Diamond Smith Cage Home Gym System with Linear Bearing will cure your worries.

  • Multi function utility bench including: adjustable preacher curl pad with bicep handle, total leg developer (with olympic sleeve), and multi position back pad
  • Top of the line materials for reliability and comfort, including foot rest, preacher pad, press bar with sealed linear bearings, bar catches
  • Dual cable crossover system similar to commercial level gym equipment for additional upper body workouts
  • Pec deck station
  • Accessories/Attachments – Lat bar, V bar, triceps rope, shiver bar, ankle strap, foot plate, chrome row handle, and 2 single handles
  • Over 30 strength training exercises for a total body workout
  • 6 weight plate storage posts keep weights organized and off the floor
  • Product Dimensions 70″ L x 83″ W x 86″ H | 2 Year Limited Warranty

Why you may pass on this one: It’s big. Consider not only your monetary budget but your real estate budget…aka space. If you are tight on room (including ceiling clearance) the Marcy Diamond Smith Cage Home Gym system may not be the best fit, literally. You may need to consider one of the other more compact options or, of course, a home gym that has fold-up storage features.

We recently added the Body-Solid EXM 1500S Home Gym to our review for several reasons. For one, this particular Body Solid system is in the lead for getting the most value for your investment. To support that promise by the manufacturer, Body Solid includes a LIFETIME Warranty on Everything! That’s a big comfort in a deciding on a home gym purchase.

Body-Solid Home Gyms is globally recognized worldwide as a leader in home gyms and strength training equipment. They’re state-of-the-art designs that can accommodate multiple users and they run the gamut in users because Body-Solid gym systems are space saving enough to fit in the home to commercial fitness centers. Body-Solid Home Gyms is known for providing “the features you want at a price you can afford.”

In our research we agree that those features in the EXM 1500S. Body-Solid features are impressive. The system boasts both innovative technology that you find comparable to machines at commercial gyms, yet suitable to be integrated in to the comfort of your own home. It impressively provides a 160 lb alloy weight stack (standard with every Body-Solid gym) that is pin adjustable to 10-pound increments.

Highlights: At the risk of overusing versatile, Body-Solid is a top-of-the-line home gym system because of it’s versatility and multi-functionality. Customer service reputation earns a spot here as well.

  • Multi functional gym system for all aspects of weight training featuring chest press, high, mid and low pulley stations
  • Utilize the low pulley with straight bar to perform seated row exercises, biceps curls, wrist curls, upright rows, shrugs, leg abduction, leg adduction, and more
  • Thick and firm seat pad and comfortable foam rollers which support leg extension and curl station workouts
  • Adjustable seat height to accommodate the user with maximized comfort
  • Workout poster chart provides many yet not all of the multitude of exercises available
  • Limited Lifetime Warrenty
  • Assembled dimensions: 49″ L x 36″ W x 83″ H

Why you may pass on this one: Pec fly and leg press exercises are not offered. Most Amazon reviews say it’s not bad to assemble but complicated.

6 | More best home gym under $1000 reviews to come!

Marcy Home Gym MKM 81030 Video Demo

The Marcy Home Gym manufacturer video below demonstrates the MKM-81030. They go over system usage, techniques and recommendations on some of the Marcy Home Gym MKM-81030 features including: the dual function press arm, which provides chest press and independent pec fly exercises, multi-pulley system with high and low pulley stations, total leg developer and accessory use, which allows for added routines.

About Our Home Gym Reviews

Using the comprehensive information laid out above, we hope these home gym comparisons help you find what you’re looking for in a fitness system. These workout machines are formidable alternatives to dealing with an outside gym membership or even a personal trainer because each provides well-rounded, total body workouts that you would achieve at a commercial fitness center. The motivation, commitment and self-discipline is ultimately up to you.

Also, you may notice that we do not use a Star Rating System in our home gym reviews. While we’ve been tempted to score by those fun yellow stars, for example 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for ABC Home Gym, we felt that this industry’s line of products are too subjective and relative to rank in this way. What we mean by this is that choosing a home gym system is a very personal and fitness-goal specific process. While one person may want to build muscle mass, another user may be looking to lose weight. One individual may be a pure beginner and the other, an advanced, serious weight-trainer.

Why Pay up to a $1000 for a Home Gym?

Whether shopping on Amazon or anywhere else for best home gyms on a budget, it can get really overwhelming. But there are certainly a bunch of perks to paying up to $1000 or more for a home fitness system. First the obvious, more costly home gyms usually provide you with a higher end system to workout on. While every home workout system will vary, there are plenty of additional benefits to paying a little bit (or in some cases a lot) more.

For example, here are some of the reasons to invest in a higher-end home gym:

Higher level of craftsmanship and stability

Top tier brand identity for trust and reliability

Professional, gym-like quality workout at home

Versatility in design options and customizable to suit your fitness goals

Ability to utilize all the strength training and muscle building features you enjoy from a local gym membership in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own home

Peace of mind due to highly rated reviews as the best home gyms on a budget or not on a budget – rankings speak for themselves

Ability to enjoy a challenging workout in a limited amount of space

Ease of user-friendly assembly and machine usage comprehension

Durable materials for sturdiness and safety

Ability to enjoy a challenging workout in a limited amount of space

Avoid personal trainer cost with proper self-discipline

Ability to enjoy a challenging workout in a limited amount of space

Commercial grade equipment yet an affordable investment

Presentation appeal for incorporating a desired look to whatever room you choose (even if in your garage)

Return on investment – again to achieve fitness and workout goals

Customer support and comfort of longer warranties

Workout guidance materials such as posters, diagrams, detailed manual or videos

If you are interested in exploring additional fitness machines for your home gym, check out our latest popular reviews on the Best Elliptical Under $1000 and the Best Elliptical Under $500. Finally, looking for a real “step up” from your traditional HIIT workout routine? Check out our recent Jacobs Ladder Exercise Machine reviews.

Weighing Your Decision When Comparing Home Gyms

We know that owning your best not only applies to emotional well-being. It’s critical to take the best possible care of your overall physical health too. So even if you have a gym membership, our review will help you take it up a notch at home by investing in a higher-end home gym fitness system. The home gyms that we’ve reviewed, all under $1000, are among the best systems out as we quickly approach the 2020 market. Not because their prices are a step above some of the lower end models, but because they get you the most bang for your well-earned buck at the highest quality available.

Each best home gym under $1000 offers everything you would need or find with a trainer or on your own at your local gym. The key of course is to be self-disciplined enough to utilized your investment. For motivation, be mindful that each of these systems are rated in the best home gym under $1000 market because they provide you with high level access to the multitude of anyone’s fitness and strength-building goals. Your goals.

For example, higher-end home gyms, compared to the under $500 budget, give additionally superior ways and advantages to strengthen your core, build strong, lean muscles and increase your metabolic rate so that you and all the members of your household can stay in shape. So burn those calories, build muscle and shed unwanted pounds.

Finally, we’re excited to present these home gym reviews to you for another reason. By virtue of committed research, we are able to provide you with a quality yet diverse selection. In other words, there is something for everyone! So best of luck with your fitness training goals and selecting the best home gym for under $1000 for you. We know that these high-end workout home gym systems will serve you well as you Own Your Best in health and wellness.

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