2020 Best Home Gym Under 500

This is your time to live your best life! To own your best in mind, it’s critical to own your best in body and health too. While we strive to give you the life strategies to thrive, staying in the best physical shape possible is on you! Fitness and exercise are priceless, yet we get that a price needs to be set. Since a gym membership may not fit into your life or budget, let’s look at the best home gyms on a budget. We’re reviewing the most recommended, top picks of the best home gym under $500 on the market today as we approach 2020.

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Why Review the Best Home Gyms on the Market for Under $500?

So we don’t always have the gift of time to run over to the gym for a quick workout. Plus gym membership fees seem to be ever increasing while you deal with crowds of people utilizing the limited machines. Especially now that social distancing is not going anywhere soon. For me anyway, I like the privacy of cranking up my music and not worrying about anybody criticizing my form. Nevertheless, included in budgeting our time and money, there’s the juggling of work, family, finances and everything else going on demanding our time. For many it’s much more convenient to get that quick conditioning workout in the comfort of your own space. So what’s the best at home gym for under $500 that doesn’t sacrifice quality and versatility? Thankfully there are plenty of affordable and worthy workout system options from which to choose.

Before we get to the best at home gym system varieties, there’s another super important benefit to talk about. That is the monumentally positive overall impact of exercise. Whether from working out or simply going for a brisk walk, consistent physical activity significantly on improves mood and emotional health and even social behavior. Consistent physical exercise promotes the brain chemicals (called endorphins) necessary to bring down stress and anxiety, and raise up your mood. So not only do you work out to improve your body’s physical health and appearance, but it’s positive effects on self-esteem and emotional well-being are absolutely critical.

With all that said, know that owning a multifunctional, top notch gym system in your own home (especially under $500!) doesn’t have to break the bank. That’s why we’re continuously researching the best home gyms on a budget, including the at home fitness industry’s leading manufacture like Marcy, Total Gym and Bowflex multifunctional workout machines.

We know there can often be hesitation in investing in a home gym because these systems can get really expensive. If you have a deeper budget and want to explore the Best Home Gym Under $1000, you can find our latest review here as well. On the flip side, if a $500 home gym price point is stretching your wallet, we’ve just completed our latest review on the Best Budget Home Gym Under $300. In all our research, one thing we’ve found is that the home gym market has something for everyone.

While this is the case however, it can also feel overwhelming at first when there are so many home fitness systems to choose from and many appear rather complex to use. Even the most expensive and the best of home gyms can seem complicated to navigate around at first. But we promise, these are not only simple to use, these home gyms, all for under $500, are the best systems out there for a variety of reasons.

While we don’t all have the luxury to buy a super expensive home exercise equipment, know that, again we repeat, there is something out there for everyone. We’ve researched the market’s best home gyms under $500 that not only give you the best bang for you buck, when used consistently they will leave you in the best shape of your life.

A Quick Note About Our Home Gym Reviews

You may notice that we do not use a Star Rating System in our home gym review format. While it’s visually appealing to utilize a multi-star rating system, Ie. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for ABC Home Gym, we felt that this would unjustifiably simplify the home workout industry’s products. Buyers need a comprehensive assessment in order to make an informed decision about this type of important health investment. In other words, buying a home gym system is a subjective, personal and fitness-goal specific process. While one person want to build muscle mass, another user may be focused on losing weight. Also, a pure beginner and an advanced, serious strength-trainer may be looking for and prioritizing different features.

So we hope this comprehensive information as formatted below helps you find what you’re looking for in a home fitness system on a budget. One thing is certain, these workout machines are practical alternatives to dealing with a local commercial gym membership or even spending money on a personal trainer. The products among these home gym comparisons each provides well-rounded, total body workouts that you would achieve at a commercial fitness center. As with anything in life, the motivation, dedication and self-discipline is essentially up to the user.

Therefore we reviewed these home gyms by searching for the best overall systems. This means critical features like versatility, functionality, affordability, quality, and many other attributes. We even include what you may not like about the products. We hope you find this review format and the information extremely helpful. Please leave us your feedback in the comments section at the end of this review if there is something more you want to see!

So now we get to the reason you are here! In this up-to-date review of the Best Home Gyms Under $500, these are the models we will recommend:

UPDATE: We’ve been tracking Amazon deals and they currently have some on-page coupon offers on a variety of home gym models. These savings are in addition current sale prices and include shipping. So be sure to click the button or select the checkbox to clip the coupon and take advantage of the savings. Here are the discounted home gyms we’ve found so far: PR1000 (Blaze and PR3000 see Under $1000 Home Gym review; Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench see Under $300 Home Gym review).

We keep tracking deals come back here often for updated information!

Top 6 Picks for the Best Home Gyms Under $500

The Gold’s Gym body building brand is legendary in terms of affordable and effective weight-training and conditioning systems.

But of course we don’t judge by name. Gold Gym XR55 highly regarded reputation and longevity in the bodybuilding, health and fitness industry has been earned because of the quality of what they produce. The Gold’s Gym System is competitive and comparable in many ways to Marcy Home Gym. And unlike it’s XRS 50 brand and the Weider 2980 Home Gym, this gym has an adjustable seat and 330 lbs of resistance. It’s also important to not that this system features high quality materials and comes with 125 lbs weight stack. It’s dimensions assembled are: 77L x 43W x 82.5H inches.

Highlights: A variety of strength-training exercises that let you build strength in your upper and lower body:

  • Precision pulleys and bearings promotes fluidity of movement
  • Multi-grip lat bar, handled strap, adjustable preacher pad, and row plate to change up your workout
  • Adjustable, padded seat for comfort and support
  • Simple to use with quality materials

What we like most: Simple to use, quality materials

Why you may not go with this one: If you’re looking to assemble alone, most of the reviews recommend using two people. However, assembly instructions are said to be thorough and easy to understand.

2| Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym System (coupon offer -$70.33)

Okay so the Bowflex is at the high end of the “under $500” range for the best home gym, but with very good reason. How many at home gym systems have the versatility of a built-in rowing station?

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym System effectively strengthens muscles while adding some aerobic cardio training to your workout. Bowflex uses a cable pulley resistance system which makes workouts extremely flexible and customizable. All this functionality while not having to deal with free weights. The pulley system is super effective because it allows you to target muscles in depth and work every angle. Bowflex features over 25 strength exercises using top quality materials. There’s so much more to this system, so check out it’s list of details and reviews on Amazon.

Highlights: The pulley cables specialized for resistance training while providing all the basic necessities for a meaningful workout.

  • Compact and Versatile
  • Foldable so maximizes space when not in use
  • Built-in media rack
  • No weight stack may be attractive to many not wanting a lot of hardware
  • Bench converts to aerobic rowing feature

What we like most: Why is the Bowflex PR 100 Home Gym System one of the very best home gyms on a budget? Hello…did we mention the rowing machine feature?!

Why you may not go with this one: Preference. Some may want the visual effect and/or stability feel of using a weight stack.

Hey if it works for Chuck Norris…. Seriously, Total Gym is another valued name in the home gym and fitness world. While Gold’s and other workout systems have their manuals and exercise books, Total Gym provides you with these awesome extra goodies: a Total Body Workout DVD, an exercise flip chart and a nutrition guide.

While the machine doesn’t look multifunctional, it has plenty to offer. Priced well-below our $500 price-point budget, Total Gym still manages to give you over 60 different exercises, including cardio, strength training and stretch all on this one system. Because theTotal Gym 1400 Deluxe is so versatile, it simultaneoulsy strengthens and tones multiple major muscle groups.

Highlights: The Total Gym 1400 is resistance based and has a glide bench which reportedly is appropriately named.

  • Over 60 different exercises to tone every major muscle group
  • Delivers a full body workout in only 10-20 minutes
  • Flip chart includes a variety of exercises and workout plans from beginner to advanced

What we like most: Arrives fully assembled and it folds up quickly for convenient and easy storage…WOW!

Why you may not go with this one: Not likely the best home gym for the advanced bodybuilder. Also, it’s reported that the glide board may be too narrow for a fuller sized bottom.

There’s so much to talk about with Marcy’s at home workout system. Not only is this Home Gym Station model a culmination of quality, fitness and value, Marcy offers a few other models (like the MWM-988 which is a little less money due to some cosmetic tweaks) to work with discriminating budgets.

This particular model (MWM-990) is their top seller for good reason. It’s made with heavy-duty steel tubing and reinforced with guard rods that hold weight in place during workouts – so this system is built to last. It has a 150 lb adjustable and customizable weight stack so you can set it according to your skill level. This also allows you to avoid the stresses of loading and unloading weight plates with a safety lock.

Highlights: Under $500 budget friendly for the multifunctionality of this entire system.

  • Ergonomically designed seats with high-density boxed upholstery to reduce tension and impact
  • The preacher curl bicep pad is removable and adjustable to allow isolated bicep and triceps exercises, and to tone abs
  • Designed with dual action press arms to perform chest press and vertical butterfly exercises to develop your biceps, triceps, pectorals, and other muscles with a simple remove/insertion of a pin
  • Pulleys and cables are connected to the weight stacking for a smooth and controlled body exercises, so you don’t need to load and unload weight plates.

Take a look at this manufacturer video for a better look of the Marcy Home Gym in action.

Why you may not go with this one: While we are confident the Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym Station is one of best quality home gym systems on a budget, some reviews on Amazon.com talk about the challenges of assembly. So this may be either a phone-a-friend or outsourced job.

If you know home gym systems, then you know among the best is the Marcy name. That’s why we cannot just limit you to one choice. If you’ve narrowed down your choice of manufacturer then deciding on the best Marcy home gym system under $500 is simply of a matter of preference and fitness goals.

In a nutshell, this Marcy 120 lb. Single Stack Home Gym is generally a smaller version of their 150 lb models. So while it’s well within your under $500 home gym budget and there’s no sacrificing quality, versatility nor functionality. As long as your weightlifting needs do not exceed what a 120 lb single weight stack has to offer, this is a practical option. The Marcy MKM-1101 home gym machine will give you a sturdy yet space saving, high-level multifunctional workout station for most strength training and body building needs.

Highlights: Designed for comfort, safety and longevity at under $500 makes this Marcy Home Gym System one of the best investments for a total body workout for any budget.

  • Provides a high and low pulley station allowing for a wide variety of front, upper and lower body exercises
  • Oversized foam roller pads for added comfort
  • Duel function press arm allows you to perform chest presses and independent pec fly exercises
  • Total leg developer includes ankle strap attachment
  • Two-Year limited warranty | Assembled Dimensions: 61” L x 37” W x 79” H

Why you may not go with this one: While most home gym systems come with weight stacks ranging from 100 to 300 pounds, the Marcy MKM-1101 offers a 120 lb. selectorized weight stack with a reported up to 220 lb. weight resistance. Certainly versatile and effective for a “non-expert” workout. However this should be a serious consideration if you are considering progressing to heavier weights. So do keep in mind your long-term fitness goals and take a look at slightly higher priced options which may be a better fit.

Weider Total Body Works 5000 Gym machine is comparable by design and function to some of the Total Gym models (ie.1400 and XL7).

The Weider 5000 gives you and effective yet challenging worksout regardless of your fitness level for several reasons. The machine uses your own body weight, in conjunction with four adjustable power bands. The four power bands are meant to increase weight resistance up to 50 lbs beyond your own weight. So if you need to take it up or down a notch, you can easily add or reduce your workout’s intensity. Finally there are seven different incline settings on the glide seat board available to select from.

Highlights: Weider Total Body provides you with a simple yet really versatile, compact and effective workout system for a reasonable cost.

  • Collapses and quickly slides away for easy and convenient storage.
  • Offers 100+ exercises for all parts of the body included in a guide
  • Cable pulley system provides versatility and range of motion which allows a multitude of fitness benefits in muscle

Why you may not go with this one: This may not be the optimal choice if you’re primarily looking to build muscle mass.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Value and Quality Home Gym for Under $500

If you never thought it was possible to afford a home gym system for under $500, I hope you found value and inspiration in our product reviews. Recent feedback also made us to explore the benefits elliptical machines. Click here to read our review of the best ellipticals for under $500 – another valuable piece of fitness equipment to seriously consider. When it comes to your health and personal fitness goals, the investment you make on the best home gym for you quickly outweighs years of unused professional gym memberships. A quality home gym is a highly effective way to not only increase muscle strength, and condition your body, it’s an equally important way to own both your physical health and emotional well-being. Plus it doesn’t hurt to get as much bang for your buck!

So if you’re searching and shopping for the best home gyms while on a budget, especially if that budget is under $500, you’ll see there’s a substantial selection of quality at home fitness products to consider. Whether you need to privately let off steam in the middle of the night, intend to make this purchase a family investment, are committed to dropping a few pounds, build muscle strength, maintain stamina, or avoid the monthly costs of a gym membership, a reliable, quality home gym will be there for the long haul to fulfill those needs.

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