How Fashion Affects Self-Esteem and How Clothes Reflect Your Personality

Do you ever notice if the clothes you wear correlate with your mood or self-image? How fashion affects our self-esteem is an important topic when dealing with self worth and living your best life. Clothing does reflect personality and ultimately confidence. So it’s worthwhile to take a deeper look into what you’re reaching for in your closet and how to make fashion choices work best for you.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked in my closet with complete disdain. It’s like that cliché, “I haven’t a thing to wear!” I’m totally feeling that. This is especially the case when I’m looking for an outfit to help me feel empowered and self-confident. I can never seem to find anything to fit the bill. Sadly I’m relatively certain this has more to do with me and how I see myself than the selection of clothes I own. In any case, it’s got me thinking about the impact my fashion choices, as well as the fashion industry, have on my self-image and the other way around. I’ve come to realize that it’s not necessarily my wardrobe that needs the makeover, but it’s my self-esteem and perception of what it means to feel validated in some way.

Many of us subscribe to the notion that the clothes we wear are simply a reflection of our personality and not necessarily how we measure our self worth. If you relate to this mindset – that you’re in control of what you wear – then you’re not all that wrong. Um, but you’re not completely right either. The gist is that either way, clothing is important to our overall well-being in various ways. Whether it’s your mood, personality or self-esteem, there’s a respective impact to what we wear. Let’s look the relationship between clothing and perception, and explore this powerful influence and connection between self-esteem and fashion.

Does Clothing Reflect Personality and Behavior?

So I’ve been doing some research, and as a result – self-examination, on the idea that clothing is merely a reflection of personality. I believe overall yes. We all have a “style” right? Some like bling. Others find floral prints appealing. Someone who is generally happy most of the time may gravitate toward brighter colors. Or if you’re the quiet or introverted type, maybe you favor clothes that cover your skin a bit more. Non-nonsense type? Nothing like a pair of Levis.

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  1. Hey, bless you for the post. I enjoy the content I’m getting. Fashion and self-esteem are hugely connected I completely agree.

  2. Great article. As I get grow wiser and older I’m definitely more comfortable in my own skin and my fashion choices. Although sometimes I don’t want to dress too young for my age as I do feel “young at heart”.

    • Thanks so much for the positive feedback Patricia 🙂
      I relate, I am also growing more comfortable in my own skin and feel more and more confident in terms of what I wear.
      Stay young at heart <3

  3. Thanks for the wonderful article!

  4. Loved the article, some important messages and lessons. Something I really need to address in my attitude towards clothing!

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