How To Live Your Best Life Now

There are two types of challenges in life we’re bound to face. One is circumstantial. The other is emotional, the inner battles we struggle with day in and day out. Wrestling with insecurity, fear, low self-esteem and even ego prevents you from moving forward. Let’s face it, even those cliché positive vibes quotes can get you no where fast. Only you can be the one to put your foot down in how to live your best life now. Here is where you can start.

Best Life Words Vs. Best Life Mindset

There’s an article in the Huffington Post that talks about how to live your best life now. The author describes how celebratory days like New Year’s and birthdays as well as other meaningful life events like retirement, new job, relocation, etc. are usually when we make resolutions to embrace “new beginnings”. But we don’t really need a significant milestone or event to trigger positive change, do we?

That same HuffPost article shared 26 thoughtful ways to stop procrastinating and start incorporating behavior indicative of taking charge of your life. So I went a step further! At the bottom of this page, I share a link to our free downloadable poster for you to keep. I’ve printed mine out and keep it nearby for reflection throughout my day.

Today is a Good Day

Anyway can’t we all just create mental or physical lists of what we’d like to be when we finally get it together? We swear to re-commit to goals and projects that got pushed to the back burner for whatever reason. We allow a layer of dust to collect over our dreams until our expectations are so low that we haven’t necessarily failed, we just made “practical choices to deal with life”.

The problem for me is that while mindfulness strategies are effective … a lot of them are temporary. So often times your positivity, you’ve got this intentions set you up for self-criticism on your first bad day. I think the bigger lesson here is not to memorize each strategy, or motivational quote, and repeat over and over again (although it can’t hurt) ad nauseam. The goal is ultimately to internalize a mentality for positive change in to your mindset.

4 Mindset Tips to Living Your Best Life

Knowing how to live your best life now begins with the understanding that it is a process. So as we mentioned, your first objective is to work on being as mindful as possible. This means that your level of self-awareness needs to be stepped up. What is your behavior like in moments of joy or frustration? Are you responsive or reactive in certain situations? Once you are proactively living each day in the present, there are some other mindset rules, or agreements with yourself, that you simply must incorporate.

First there are commitments for self-trust and self-forgiveness. Knowing how to live your best life now means there is no room for self pity or negative inner dialogue. So I’m here to tell you that you must make peace with yourself and practice as much self-compassion you can to work through it. Live your life, in body and in mind, in the now. Not based on the drama of yesterday or the worry for tomorrow.

We’ve all had unhealthy relationships, bad bosses and failed attempts at achieving a goal (or two). Call them detours or hurdles but don’t call them permanent obstacles. None of these are excuses for being incapable of putting forth the effort to start living your best life today. Here’s why: I believe every challenge is balanced by the potential for success and abundance. And it is by virtue of these challenges that make living your best life taste so sweet. Challenges enable us to appreciate the successes and joys in life that much more.

Ways to Live Your Best Life Now

The feeling of true contentment needs careful balance and sense of purpose. We all have different translations of a success and abundance – yet at the same time, I believe we all share in that there’s a struggle to achieve them. With that said, it’s important to set goals no matter how big or small in order to keep you forward moving. And if you are among the many, low self esteem can be among your heaviest burdens to carry. To even begin walking the path to a healthy, fulfilling life, it’s critical to develop a positive physical routine and nurture a heightened level of self-awareness. Staying physically active and practicing self awareness and mindfulness throughout each day are the fundamental tools for social and emotional wellness and living your best life.

Live Your Best Life Now with Daily Practice

Just like a workout at the gym or taking up a new hobby, you will certainly not see changes overnight. Becoming the best version of yourself is a process you must OWN. And you are worth all the time you need to hone in on the skills, knowledge and behavior required to live a truly authentic and fulfilling life. The mindset to live your BEST life now should present itself as a shift and uplift in your way of thinking and approach to open-minded and wholehearted living. Mindfulness and authenticity will become your daily practice and ultimate goal.

Your definitive moment of enlightenment might even be an “A-ha, now I get itNow I feel it” Or it might not. You simply may one day reflect on your journey with a sense of evolved peace and conscious knowing that at some point along the way you began living your best life.

Here are some really important, note-to-self, things that I want you to keep in mind as you take the journey with me to live your BEST life. Maintaining a mindful disposition that your perspective becomes your reality is crucial. So nurture your perspective in a positive way! Practice a growth mindset, self-care, self-awareness and an optimistic, positive outlook.

In the Know: Living Your Best Life Begins in the Now

According to a Harvard University study, almost half of our waking hours are spent ‘not’ living in the present moment. This type of mind wandering typically causes unhappiness. The emotional cost of thinking too much about what is not happening creates a great deficit to your overall sense of worth and well-being.

So here are some quick tips to help you avoid unnecessary mental juggling and ultimately missing out on the present moment. Try these present moment reminders so that you can focus on what truly matters:

Expand for the 1st Way to Live in the Now!

1| Practice a heightened awareness of each of your 5 senses … and take time to appreciate and enjoy them

Expand for the 2nd Way to Live in the Now!

2| Focus in on small, ordinary things

Expand for the 3rd Way to Live in the Now!

3| Acknowledge when your mind wanders, allow it, and come back to the moment

Expand for 4th Way to Live in the Now!

4| Pick a prompt (ie. a picture frame, a clock, a plant) to remind you to be mindful

Expand for 5th Way to Live in the Now!

5| Reduce distractions like how often you check your phone, gaming apps, gossip, etc.

Expand for 6th Way to Live in the Now!

6| Practice mindfulness daily by carving out time to intentionally be present (meditation can be practiced anytime, anywhere)

26 Ways How to Live Your Best Life Now

Download our own 26 Ways to Live Your Best Life Now (in alphabetical order) printable poster! This free uplifting poster is an empowering way to stay mindful, motivated and proactive in living your life to the fullest. Knowing how to live your best life now begins with attaining and utilizing the tools and strategies that will help you take action and own your best!

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So isn’t now is a great time to be present? Now is good too. And so is now.

How about now?


  1. Hey, thanks for the tips on how to live your best life now. “NOW” being the important part – if not now then it will never happen. Thanks, feeling the motivation!

  2. WOW, this speaks right to me. Working on “me” been the biggest challenge so far! Your insights are spot on! Keep it coming!

    • Lori,
      That is so wonderful to hear thank you for the kind words! We all have so much in common – wanting “more” for ourselves in so many ways, yet being faced with a multitude of tangible and/or intangible obstacles.
      Let’s keep moving in a forward direction no matter what!
      All my best xo

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