How to Have a Healthy Mindset

Practicing a positive and healthy mindset is one of the most critical things you can do for your well-being.  Being in a fulfilled state emotionally, spiritually and economically is an inside job.  You always have a choice and control in what you think. The key is to know how to have a healthy mindset.

What stops us from having a meaningful and fulfilling life? What is stopping you? Who is to say that you do not? … Besides you, that is. I believe it is often that perception gets in our own way. As you look and live through the lenses of experience, memories, predictions, and assumptions, you will often find yourself making decision, some so small you may not realize their impact, all based on assumptions and perceptions.

practice mindfulness and having a growth mindset throughout the day

What are you doing within your situation?

How did you get there?

Taking responsibilities for your actions or inaction, and even complacency is critical to knowing how to have a healthy mindset.

Power of Positive Thinking

There is a lot to be said for looking on the bright side. Sounds a little cliche but positive thinking and keeping an optimistic perspective is scientifically proven to bring about increased confidence, improved coping skills, and even reduced stress.

So knowing how to have a healthy mindset can truly benefit not only your emotional well-being but lessen the likelihood of experiencing the physical effects of stress, such as depression, anxiety, weight gain, hypertension, etc.

Effective Strategies for Practicing a Healthy Mindset

Like anything in life, practice makes perfect. Knowing how to have a healthy mindset is no different, nor is it easy. The mind can be our greatest cheerleader and all to often our worst enemy.

The fog of negative self-talk often clouds your perspective from any positive, healthy vision when you need it most. So just like a weak muscle or any ability or talent, a healthy mindset takes practice and persistence.

Here are 4 important tips to nurture and grow a healthy mindset:

  1. Breakfast of Champions: Just like your body needs nourishment first thing in the morning, so does your mind. So start your day off right with positive thoughts and an attitude of hope and positive expectations. Try reading a great self-help book, a daily affirmation or a morning prayer for inspiration.
  2. Open the Gift of the Present: Stay in the present – it’s the only place where you and I and our mindsets are safe from negative self sabotage! When you remain in the present moment you avoid the pitfalls that chaotic inner dialogue, drudging up the past or predicting the future bring.
  3. Live and Learn: Find the lesson in failures (because you will experience failures). Studies show that those who fail and keep persisting are more equipped to eventually find success over those with a non growth mindset. A positive, growth mindset will make you want to look for the “why”, ask questions, seek help, readjust your course and eventually to find the solutions to succeed.
  4. Non-Misery Loves Company Too: Surround yourself with like-minded people who share in your healthy mindset habits. Toxic, negative relationships can drain the well-being life right out of you. So do the best you can to eliminate negative people who do not serve your well-being health.

Circumstances Beyond Your Control? What To Do?

If someone else in your life is completely to blame for your problem(s) then well you certainly are free from responsibility. But come on folks, how often is it that our circumstances are 100% someone else’s fault?

Taking responsibility for your actions willingly is a powerful part of knowing how to have a healthy mindset.

Circumstances can be awful or they may be barely manageable. Some just may be a source of your discontent. But if and when you do differentiate between factors that are beyond your control and those that are not, maybe there are some things that you don’t want to confront which put you in to your situation. In that moment. The moment you realize that you hold any fraction of responsibility for the events making you unhappy or discontent, is in actuality the first moment of the rest of your life. You are free to begin again. Free to start rebuilding using your healthy growth mindset.

Your discontent is no longer belonging to your parents, your spouse, your socio-economic status, your boss, the circumstance you were born in to… it is yours.

Examples of Practicing a Healthy Mindset

A health mindset starts with being as mindful as possible and by knowing how to practice mindfulness throughout the day. Just like the phrase says, you must practice – a healthy mindset does not fully develop over night. BUT a healthy mindset begins with the desire to live your best life and the understanding that you must do what it takes to make that happen.

Start by asking yourself questions that empower you, not questions that make you the victim or set you up for failure.

Think about all that wasted time and energy used for indulging negative self-talk. Redirect. 

Here is an exercise to practice in the mirror, in the car or whenever you find a moment. Try it out and just continue to do better and better by yourself. And OWN it. Take responsibility – conscious ownership – for not only your actions but your thoughts and all of the self-talk.

Own the bad and you will then own the good. You will own your best self.

Ask yourself with sincerity, then Listen…Repeat as needed!

  • Why me?
  • Who is to blame?
  • I grew up poor.
  • I grew up entitled.
  • There are toxic people in my life.
  • If they didn’t do that to me, I would be … 
  • I don’t have Enough
      • Enough money
      • Enough time
      • Enough energy
    • Enough love
  • Am I being completely honest with myself?
  • Am I mindful of this very present moment?
  • Do I appreciate what I have?
  • Do I appreciate what has challenged me?
  • Can I allow myself to be vulnerable?
  • I am not alone – there are others who face adversity
  • I have Enough
  • I Am enough

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