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SKYROCKET CONFIDENCE: Learn the Evidence-Based Skills of Building Your Confidence

Want to feel completely at ease with yourself and your capacity for success in work and life? Right now, you might know exactly what you want for your life, the goals you want to achieve, the people you want to meet, the skills you want to learn. You have the intelligence and know-how to improve your life. But there’s one thing missing — confidence. Without confidence in yourself and your abilities, you remain stuck in fear and self-doubt, even as you long for change. But there is a solution. You don’t have a life sentence of low confidence. You CAN learn the proven skills of confidence and upgrade your entire life!

Determine + Deconstruct + Develop = A Confident New You

The first step toward confidence is to determine exactly where you’re missing it and the beliefs and behaviors holding you back. Next you need to deconstruct old ways of thinking and patterns that keep you bound to the status quo and prevent you from taking confident action. Finally, you need to develop new mindsets and skills to practice regularly in order to rebuild your confidence muscle and help you develop into the self-assured, pro-active, confident person you want to be. As you practice new thoughts and behaviors, you’re actually creating new neural pathways in your brain, supporting your real-world efforts.

Buff It Up: How Confidence Can Change Your Life

Whether you’re lacking confidence in general, or simply need support in a particular area, the techniques taught in Building Confidence can improve your entire life. Confidence is such an important factor that it’s been proven to increase one’s yearly salary by thousands of dollars, improve your relationships, and supercharge your career trajectory. By committing to a confidence buff up, you’re taking control of your destiny and positioning yourself for personal and professional success. Most of the limitations that keep us from confidence are illusions and limiting beliefs. Once you learn to shatter those illusions and break through limiting beliefs, you’ll be empower to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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Building Confidence is your blueprint for a better you. It’s your formula for change so you have the boldness to go for it — whatever it happens to be for you! Every chapter concludes with specific action steps you can implement and practice right away to facilitate change. You’ll learn: ** The Hidden Reasons You’ve Been Blocked from Confidence ** The “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” that Traps You ** The “Addiction” Making It Impossible to Trust Yourself ** How to Define Your “POS” to Regain Control of Your Life ** How to Have Social Poise and Speak with Ease ** How to Set Yourself Up for Financial Success ** Why Your Relationships Might Be Suffering and How to Fix Them for Good **

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