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Is your child a little down on him/herself? Have other kids laughed at her or made her feel small?
It’s easy for kids to let these things get to them and make them feel unimportant. Kids care very much about what others think. While multiple people may tell them they’re wonderful, it’s the negative thoughts that often stick. This activity book can help parents work with their children to develop strategies for navigating negative situations and feelings.

Using Somebodyness, parents can guide their children (8 to 12 years old) through the tricky landscape of self-esteem and helps kids learn to look beyond the negative opinions of others and start to build a positive image.


  • engaging drawings to capture children’s interest
  • activities designed to help them foster a positive self-image
  • exercises to help them learn to react to negative feedback in a healthy way while identifying the traits that make them unique
  • visual journaling and art therapy that help children will learn how to use their strengths, and even their weaknesses, and to focus on them when developing goals and interacting with the world

By spending just ten minutes a day engaged with the more than thirty activities in this book, your child will learn to connect with the things that make kids feel good about themselves. Get started today and help your child claim the totally unique and awesome individual that lives inside!

What parents are saying

“My kid is eight years old and has always been very sensitive. No matter how many times we tell him what a great kid he is, it only takes one negative comment to make him feel he’s stupid. After we started working with a family counselor, we were given Somebodyness for us to work on as a family. I have learned that it’s not enough for me to tell him he’s awesome, he has to see the awesome things about himself with his own eyes. And the activities in this book have helped him identify those things without anyone telling him. We are so grateful for what this work has done for our family and our son.”.

“Somebodyness has done wonders for our eleven-year-old daughter’s self-esteem and helped her walk through lots of negative things being said about her because of her stutter. Thank you so much. I can see the confidence building in her.”

“After my sister divorced her mentally abusive husband, I knew she and my nieces would need patience and love to help them all. As a teacher, I had recently started using Somebodyness with my third-grade class. I didn’t really see how powerful it could be until my sister started using it with my nieces. Thank you!”

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