Flower Essences RESCUE Remedy Review

Do flower essences in Bach’s RESCUE Remedy really work for anxiety, coping and concentration? As promised, below is a recap of my experience and reviews of the flower remedies product Bach’s RESCUE Remedy by Nelsons. 

Why I Turned to RESCUE Remedy for Anxiety

I share as much as I can about my personal use and what I’ve learned about the flower essences world without getting over our heads. There is a lot of information out there and it can be a little overwhelming. The most important message here is that life can get chaotic and this is a safe and effective way to help cope during those times.

I began exploring flower essences, aka Bach’s flower remedies, several years ago when I my anxiety became more than I could manage. My job was very stressful (all too common for many of us) which was making my out of office life miserable too.

Eventually, I could not concentrate at all in and outside of the office. It came to a point where I often felt physically ill. On a regular basis, I suffered with headaches, upset stomach, racing heart and overwhelming feelings of worry and anxiety. These emotions surfaced just after my bout with a medical condition which became nearly unbearable as well.

If only I had known how to cope during that time. This was before I got turned on the mindfulness mediation and had ever heard about Bach’s Rescue Remedy. Needless to say, flower essences was not even in my vocabulary during my pheochromocytoma years. Unfortunately, I had resorted primarily to Xanax and other anxiety remedies which had only gotten me so far.

RESCUE Remedy Doubts

Once I did hear about Bach’s flower remedies by Nelsons, I still hesitated to try this so-called natural route. Nelsons is manufacturer of Bach’s RESCUE Remedy along with many other natural healthcare products mostly found on Amazon and in wellness stores.

As many people feel about “natural remedies”, I was pretty skeptical on whether they really worked. I shrugged off the notion of natural alternatives assuming, “Well it’s most likely a placebo effect.” I constantly posed the question, “If it’s not scientifically proven and you don’t need a prescription, then really come on, how effective can it be?”

However post “pheo” my heavy worry and anxiety issues had also trickled in to other areas of my life where I hadn’t had problems with in the past. I developed a fear of not only flying but of traveling in general. So my worry and anxiety was causing me to feel quite lost in many ways.

Stress and my emotions were building up, but so was the desire for improved self- care. So I finally began the journey of looking for more natural solutions to support my overall well-being. I also researched ways to improve my mindset. Although I had overall anxiety, I knew that I was doing myself a disservice without educating myself about mindfulness and wellness.

Giving Bach Flower Essences a Try

For years I’ve enjoyed drinking and benefiting from a variety of herbal teas to help various ailments. I drink chamomile for relaxation. Peppermint to calm my stomach. Ginger tea for an uneasy stomach as well as help digestion. Green tea for overall wellness. The list goes on. Tea had always helped to readjust whatever I needed. So the more I reflected on this while researching flower essences and natural remedies for anxiety and concentration, the more open I became to giving them a try.

Looking up Rescue Remedy reviews on anxiety was the last thing on my mind as I prepared for an upcoming flight. I admittedly procrastinated until “the unbearable need” for another Xanax prescription was upon me. Not only was I feeling stressed out on a daily basis, I was also anticipating two upcoming vacations that required plane rides. One trip was a long flight (my first) oversees. This was creating more worry and anxiety than I could handle.

So yes I did head over to my general physician for a Xanax prescription. However followed by logging on to Amazon to read, for the tenth time, the Bach’s RESCUE Remedy label and any reviews on anxiety. Also, I researched in more depth flower essences and most of the RESCUE products by Nelsons – maybe looking for something negative. There was no reason not to at least try it

Like I said, I scrolled through the Rescue Remedy customer reviews on Amazon as well as other forums. These were very helpful and I encourage you to check them out as well so that you are comfortable with whatever you decide to do. The majority of the Amazon customer reviews are still very favorable with interesting stories too. As always, I also read comments of people that didn’t feel the product helped them enough and took everything in to consideration.

The RESCUE Remedy Product I Recommend

For me there was no risk – except for losing a few bucks. I knew I wanted to find a safer, non-addictive yet highly effective way to cope with my daily and situational stress. So I placed the order for Original RESCUE Remedy dropper.

I tried it out pretty soon after I received the product when I was dealing with the type of stress that would normally prompt me to take a Xanax.

It did what it promised. Rescue Remedy took the edge off. I was a little nervous about taking the product and how it would make me feel. So I only took two out of four drops (the dosage suggestion of the liquid form is four drops on the tongue). However researching that Rescue Remedy is completely safe to use, and there are no adverse side effects of which I am aware, about an hour later I did feel the need to take a few more drops.

I continued to use the product on occasion and soon enough I found myself at the airport waiting to board my flight. This flight was only to be about 3 ½ hours. While trying to look normal and without a care in the world, I was really feeling sick to my stomach. I was shaking and began to feel flu-like and wondered if this was not anxiety that I was experience but that I must be coming down with a virus. My mind was racing and I knew I had to take something – possibly a Tylenol!

Well I had both the RESCUE Remedy pastilles and Xanax in my purse. Knowing that I could take my Xanax at any time and have it hit me relatively quickly, I decided to first use the RESCUE Remedy. Before I knew it, we were boarding the plane, buckling up, and taxiing the runway. I sat in my seat thinking to myself, “Well I’m sure I’ll be taking the Xanax soon enough, at the first sign of turbulence at the very least.”

I did not.

Rescue Remedy vs. Xanax Moments

There were some moments that I felt a little anxious and I considered taking the prescription medication. But I made it through the flight Xanax free! This was very important to me. I walked off that plane with such a sense of empowerment and pride. It felt wonderful not to rely on a potentially addictive drug to get me through an emotionally challenging experience.

Could this be you? Of course I can’t answer nor guarantee that. Everyone’s stress levels, anxiety triggers, coping abilities, general chemical make-ups are so different. Plus situations vary for everyone.

About a month later we had our oversees flight and I had the ammunition I needed get through the travels. I did more than “get through” the flights – everything went so smoothly I did not even consider taking the Xanax (yes I still had it on me just in case).

I continue to use Bach’s flower essences in both pastilles and dropper form when needed. For me, Rescue Remedy pastilles and drops are just quick and easy to carry around. I’ve had stressful moments and circumstances where I felt like I was drowning and Rescue Remedy was the life preserver.

What are Flower Essences/Remedies?

Flower Essences, or flower remedies, are a substance/herbal infusion made from the parts of specific flowers which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. These are the primary ingredients which play an integral role in balancing emotions.

Here’s the part where information can get pretty heavy, but according to the website FES Flowers:

…to understand how flower essences work requires a recognition that the human being is more than a physical body, but also incorporates a “body” of life energy, a “body” of 
sensitivity and feelings, and a spiritual essence or Self. Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants which interact with these subtle bodies of the human being, and evoke specific qualities within us.

Unfortunately I cannot say that I personally comprehend the science behind Bach flower essences. I’m not here to claim that I do. However, I just know that once I read up enough on them and RESCUE Remedy, there was nothing to lose in trying the products. Especially since RESCUE Remedy is safe and the most well-known of homeopathic remedies for stress, coping and concentration. Bach’s products have been helping people (and animals for that matter) for surprisingly almost a century.

There are many customer reviews on Amazon as well as other forums that you can check out. The majority of the Amazon customer reviews are extremely favorable with with interesting, relatable stories. As always, I also read comments of people that didn’t feel the product helped enough. There was a time, not very long ago at all, that the natural route for both emotional and physical healing was criticized. Nowadays natural remedies have become nearly as mainstream as buying organic or listening to country music!

Homeopaths, meditation, yoga – all natural practices are also rapidly becoming the norm over pharmaceuticals – and for very good reason.

Flower Essences’ Role in Treating Anxiety and How Bach’s Rescue Remedy was Born

Here is an explanation from the Bach’s Rescue Remedies website:
“Trusted for generations, RESCUE Remedy is the natural way to help restore your inner calm and regain control in stressful situations. RESCUE Remedy contains nothing but natural ingredients. Developed by a doctor, more than 80 years ago, the formulation of flower essences in our RESCUE brand has helped millions around the world stress less, stay calm and in control. Made from a blend of five of the Bach Original Flower Remedies, over-the-counter RESCUE products provide gentle, non-habit forming everyday stress relief. Keep at home in your first-aid cabinet or in your desk at work for easy, discreet stress relief. Four drops are all you need to feel the calming effects of Rescue Remedy. The claims for these products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.”
Flower Essences Cream Product Reviews
Cream Option Reviews

Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician and bacteriologist, developed the brand in the 1930s. Bach’s flower remedies are solutions of brandy and water—the water containing extreme dilutions of flower concoction he developed.

“It began in the early 1930s, when Dr. Bach’s research into the importance of emotional health led him to identify 38 different plant and flower remedies. This later became globally known as the Bach® Original Flower Remedies. Five of those same remedies are still used in every RESCUE® product today. “Bach’s Flower Essences are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), have been issued with National Drug Code (NDC) numbers by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are sold as over-the-counter homeopathic products in the United States.”¹

Some Thoughts on Possible Negatives to Rescue Remedy

  • FDA Evaluation – …or lack thereof. If you need the approval by the FDA for this product, and understandable so, then unfortunately Rescue Remedy is not for you. It is an alternative option.
  • Research – There’s a lack of research as to why flower essences in general is so effective
    • However keep in mind that for decades the RESCUE products are commercially produced and sold all over the world to millions of people
  • TasteEh…the liquid form in the dropper leaves a little to be desired but it’s not horrible by any means. There are also different forms so you can really determine which you like best – one of the most popular forms is the Rescue Remedy pastilles
  • Alcohol – there is an alcohol content in most of the products (not all), so please keep that in mind
    • The alcohol ingredient is used as a preservative to prevent spoilage
    • If alcohol content in Rescue Remedy products concerns you, keep in mind the amount per dosage is nominal
    • *The Bach Original Flower Remedies RESCUE Pearls are small dissolvable capsules and a great alcohol free option

What I Like About Rescue Remedy and Bach Flower Essences:

  • Formulated for everyday stress relief so you don’t need to be on the brink of a nervous breakdown or despair to feel justified to take it
  • If you’re worried about Rescue Remedy side effects, a dose doesn’t hit you and knock you for a loop. It’s subtle and puts you in a peaceful state of mind without feeling groggy.
  • It helps concentration in that it clears your mind and refocus your attention on the things that matter.
  • For me, sometimes I just need the product to just take the edge off, for example if I am going in to a stressful situation, have an interview, meeting new people, a dentist appointment!) – whatever your trigger to stress may be.
  • While helpful for general use, it is still effective enough for emergency and highly stressful events (may you not need it).
  • The beauty of Rescue Remedy…it is NON-HABIT FORMING.
  • Any of the products are convenient and easy to store.
    • Bach’s Rescue products comes in many forms: Rescue Remedy pastilles, drops, a spray, cream, a tin of gummies, meltaways. You can also dilute the product if you are not thrilled with the taste. 
    • Alcohol-free and sugar-free options to choose from.
  • They are SAFE. Unlike pharmaceuticals I can take RESCUE Remedy with peace of mind that I am not ingesting that will harm me or that to which I will develop an addiction.

What Ingredients are in Rescue Remedy? (confusing scientific latin terms omitted…)

  • Rock Rose – courage, presence confidence and composure
  • Impatiens – patience and tolerance
  • Clematis – focus when ungrounded, motivation
  • Star of Bethlehem – comfort, softens impact of shock
  • Cherry Plum – self-control, stability, balanced mind
  • All naturally preserved in grape alcohol therefore it is Bach’s remedy products are gluten free

What’s the Dosage Information for Rescue Remedy?

According to the package directions of the 10mL dropper variety, which is the one I use most often, you can take four drops in a small glass of water or place 4 drops directly on or under the tongue. Repeat as necessary. The quickest relief for me has been under my tongue. It’s also available in the other forms I mentioned above, spray, cream and chewable forms (in different flavors) – so always, always follow packages directions!

6 Useful Side Notes on Flower Remedies

  • Give some time to feel its full effectiveness
    • We all have different levels and intensities of stress or severity of lack of concentration. If you do not feel completely at ease on the first dose, give it some time and consult a professional if it is not helping you.
  • Flower essences and remedies are even effective anxiety solutions for animals!
    • Rescue Remedy has a widely respected line of stress relief products for pets. Whether they are hyperactive, stressed at the vet or the groomer, not good travelers – Rescue Remedy has a whole pet line on Amazon.com!
  • There are specific products available for nighttime use. RESCUE Sleep Spray and RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts help reduce sleeplessness caused by stress, repetitive thoughts, etc.
  • Rescue Remedy Kids is alcohol free
    • I suggest you confirm use and dosage with your child’s doctor/pediatrician if you plan to use this or any anti-anxiety or concentration aid.
  • The Rescue Remedy Pastilles are chewable, and alchohol- and sugar-free
  • Rescue Remedy stress relief products are gluten free and vegan

Here are some of the popular varieties of Bach’s Flower Remedies by Nelsons available:

Discover More For Your Well-Being

Final Review on Rescue Remedy and Bach Flower Essences

First, the answer is a resounding YES! Flower essences, flower remedies or whatever buzz word you would like to call this stress reliever type of product, really work. Moreover, Bach’s RESCUE Remedy has been and continues to be highly effective for me personally.

At the beginning of the review, I had mentioned that I started flower essences when my anxiety and lack of concentration became more than I could manage. I realize now that to wait until we get to a level of unmanageability is simply unnecessary and certainly not healthy. Why emotionally and physically suffer when there are solutions out there that are healthy and productive to your overall wellbeing?

I do recommend Bach’s RESCUE Remedy products. Plus there really is something for everyone. They’re claims hold up in my court because it generally treats on some level the gamut of emotional circumstances for all ages and even species! It’s safe, non-habit forming, convenient to use and even travel with. Oh and it works. 

Flower essences are a dream come true for anyone who struggles with worry and anxiety, difficulty concentrating or everyday stress and needs an affordable and safe solution. There is no risk in trying it to see if it works for you!

Please keep in mind that at manageable levels, worry and anxiety is normal. They let you know that you’re alive and human.

You are not alone.

Rescue Remedy may be just what you need for stress relief and whenever you experience an inability to cope or think clearly. If you worry that you cannot get through daily stressful situations on your own, or that sometimes your emotional well-being is comprised or diminished, then please explore the Rescue Remedy Bach Flower Essences option.

More importantly, talk with your doctor to discuss your situation in more detail for other alternatives that may be right for you.

Please leave me a comment with any questions or if you would like to share your own experiences with the Bach’s RESCUE Remedy products!

¹Information researched in part from bachflower.com
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